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Are you an AirHead?
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Yes, the United States emits too much pollution, but what does that have to do with me? Guess what, you pollute. (Shocking, we realize.) Now that that's settled…the question is, should you be more worried about the impact of driving to the ski slopes every weekend or jetting to Aruba once a month? This is the place to find out.

Answer these nine questions to find out approximately how much air pollution you were responsible for in a given month. This calculator can help you target your pollution reduction efforts to your biggest problems and not sweat the little stuff. Is your household consuming more electricity than a smelting factory? Chances are you should worry about that before cutting out the car trip to Grandma's this weekend.

How to use this calculator

Answer each question below by choosing your response from the list next to it. By default the national average has been automatically selected in each list. If you want to get more specific, you can INSTEAD type your responses (numbers only) in the "other" boxes. If you are a registered AirHead member you can also save your emissions profile and come back each month to update it and see how you are improving.

1. How many people are in your household?

2. How many miles did you drive a car or a minivan/light truck/SUV for the month?
SUV / Truck    
or Other: Miles

3. How many roundtrip airplane rides did you take for the month?
or Other: Roundtrips

4. How big was your electric bill for the month?
All I know is the money I spent: $ or Other: $
Better yet, I know the kWh: kWh                        

5. If you buy green power, what percentage renewable energy is your power?
or Other: %

6. How big was your natural gas bill for the month?
All I know is the money I spent: $ or Other: $
Better yet, I know the Therms: Therms                   

7. How many miles did you walk and ride your bike instead of driving for the month?
or Other: Miles

8. What month are your answers above referring to?

9. Finally, what year are your answers referring to?